Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive

Welcome to my blog, in this post I will be talking about a personal achievement.

On Thursday I finally completed the Drivers Ed class that I had been enrolled in.  At first before I started the class I was extremely nervous to begin driving.  But once I got started it became much less nerve racking.  And it definitely took me awhile to get the hang of driving.  But the more I practiced the easier it got for me.  Which is how most things in life are.

But beginning driving doesn’t have a ton to do with the drivers ed class.  At drivers ed they don’t really teach us how to drive, but what the rules of driving are.  And to me each class was extremely boring.  And at times I would struggle with driving during the schools drives.  Right before one of my drives, I checked my phone.  This would end up being a mistake because I had gotten a message that a family friend had just been diagnosed with cancer, which took a big tole on my moral and remove my focus from driving, because not only is finding out a little kid that I know closely has cancer, I was not able to ask any questions because my drive had just started.  That would end up being a very tough drive for me and I had to pay a lot of money to retake it.  After I passed all of my drives I had to take the final which consisted of one hundred questions.  Going into it I was very nervous and scared of taking the final.  I was nervous because I didn’t want to have to pay the high price to retake the final if I had failed.  So I made sure that I studied very hard for it on the days leading up to the test.  While taking the test I was worried because I didn’t think I was getting many of the questions right.  But when they told me my score I was shocked because I got the highest score in my class.

So after all of that, I have finally passed drivers ed.  So now I just have to take the state test and wait until my birthday in December to get my license.RORDS_Student_Driver_Magnet

Thank You.


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